trying something

We meet, we talk.

We sit, we joke.

We look onto and see deep.

We go home and say: no matter what, this is now!

Buttons open, shoes dropped off.

Not even a kiss yet, just a whisper.

But then sweet taste, sweet smell.

Sitting down, heads up.

A dance of skin, still onlooking.

We observe, we care.

Is there time? Time is there.

A drop of wine lip to lip.

And slowly diving into it.


Coming out the other side, we melted together through sheets, through walls.

Still, you say, be still. And look at me.

I look on and on. My eyes fly.

It’s impossible to express. Beauty of the moment of the body of the soul. I say.

It moves me.

We don’t want this to end, we say, with eyes and words and kisses.

To Bacchus we pray, for amber to wrap us, we wait, till the moonlight falls and we awake.

Still old and grey, but glad—we met.