I wake up; to you.
Your face and I remember you.
You are here, too?

Sitting upright.
Putting glasses on.
It’s bright here.
Velvet behind me.

Looking out to a vast landscape.
Greens and yellows and blues and pastels.
This space lacks toxicity.
This room is filled with finest aromas.

And I get it now.
I just appeared here.

My body isn’t aching.
My heart is filled.
Tenderness in the air.

I look at you, moving around effortlessly.
Seemingly less confused then me.
Since when have you been here?
Is this my, or is it your idea?

Soft voices fill the air.
I speak without noticing.
So easy here.

Your words, your touch.
So real, here.

The fleeting moment that lasts an eternity.
The possible peace.
The possible freedom.

Behind a vail.

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