Titel-less peace

Pleasure dancing in the street.
So broken, my pieces fly all over the place.

Not willing to follow all your miseries, I dance on the peak of devastation.

Look at me, I find happiness in deepest pain, even.
I find beauty in shadows, lust in you, where others see darkness, only.
Trust me and I will shine a light to burn you away and if you can, get up out of the ashes, Phoenix like.

Look at you.
You are too young to have suffered so much.
Says the old man in me.

Look at you.
You shine too bright, to not be seen.
Blind me.

And my wish remains:
Something, anything I want to be for you.
Consider the lie.
It’s always the same.
Not just something, but me, I need to be.
And in the end, that’s just me.

Will you hear me out if I speak openly?
This lust in you, is never a sin to me.
Lust for life, lust for move, lusting for love, lust to dance, lust to know.
All shared in me.

Let me say this twice:
Feel for me.
For I’m a little fly on your arm, which you can crush at any time.
Make me fly away.
Or just feel me.
Feel for me.

Follow my little phantasy.
To the places unheard, unseen, unspoken, but free.
You know?
Create with me.

Take your eyes and move them about.
Let smiles die and cry’s shatter.
Let’s hear your laughter.
Let’s move fingers.
Let’s swing heads and hips.

Regret the future,
Rejoice the past.

It won’t be easier this way,
But dance with me on this peak devastation and misery.