read aloud in a monotone voice

Speak till words loose all meaning.
Listen till ears turn deaf.

Take acid.
Drink fire.
Spit poison.
Smoke a letter.
Bang a drum till it bursts.

Stupidly punch a hole, to see the wall behind.
Break my wrist.
Eat my heart.
Want my soul.

The matter has passed.
Time rolled over.
Shadows cast.
Don’t look at me if you look for meaning.
My remains this empty shell.
Discarded at the wayside.
Like my first and second skin.
None of these are made of silk.

My head an extended number system.
Mesmerised by this reflection.
Look back at my self looking back into you.

We are not here, to cure wounds.
We are here, to cut them open.
Add salt.
Shout out our pain already.

Words starting with D.
We know them all too well.
Heard often, never meant.
Do we need this much pain?

For others.
For ours.
For fruits of our bodies.
We do.
We remain.
In pain.

All words have lost their meaning.
Read all this in a monotone voice.
Then, smile.
And never regret.