A father and his little girl in his arm.
Holding her, while she sleeps and dreams of the world to conquer.
That little wonder.
Little wonders growing to rascals.
Little monsters.
Easily loveable,
Easily agreeable,
Easily forgivable.

And a mother, moving her little boy around in a carrier, close to her heart.
He’s awake and looks around.
Learning shapes and sounds,
Seeing colours and faces.
A little wonder smiling.

And us, parents, remembering sleepless nights, when the baby cried.
Moving around in the morning, preparing meals.
“Come come, wake up, time for kindergarten, school, university…”

Every day goes by with laughter and a little drama.
Every day a little growth.
Every day little and larger steps.
Parenting is magical.

Every morning I wish my kids could wake me with a kiss.
But every night they go to bed, feeling loved.
Little big wonders.