Starting backwards, walking forwards.

Long weeks later, your non-appreciation hits me like a brick wall.
But why start so negative.
Rather, waking alone, in small streets that feel like a late summer afternoon in September.
A young woman is handing out flyers, forced to wear a ridiculous one piece. A bit hapless. Probably designed at the behest of some middle aged man, who has no good ideas.
Past small shops filled with cloth and plates. Reminds me of a broken plate collection that still remains in a cupboard. A broken plate, like a broken heart.
Precious. Far to precious to not keep. Until one day you let go. Even though there never is a replacement.

Sparrows overhead. Flocking to a space to feed. They look very sweet. Sitting above that coffeeshop I still want to go to. One day, when time is less pressure and more precious.

Precious. Today a thought floating in my head. Today is less vile, less violent. With all the very few people in the small streets, I feel lonelier. And while it’s easy to explain it is hard to take.

Is she critical of the bird? Or quizzical. Depends on your angle.
But I want to give her my shirt. It’s getting too cold to sit so naked.

A patch of nature. With stones to sit on. These are easy to find in Tokyo if you know where to look.
Here I can smell what the cats left behind that come here at night.
In the neighbouring school the sports fest is trained. Loudly, of course.

Biographies are curious and well guarded here. It is nice to know, I can just ask you, though. When the time is right.
I just hope there will be time before the sky is falling.

The streets are rich with green in this neighbourhood and while I took that photo a little butterfly briefly landed on my fingers, just to take of again immediately. It too, was just passing by.

I quite like this. It reminds me of the people who’s company I enjoy most, even if we never really fit in.
“Social pressure is strong. I fit in, but not at be expense of my personality. I claim my right to be different and to declare my difference. Sometimes I upset people, but I always express and assert myself. I have the passion to invent adornments to make you as strong and remarkable as you are confident and proud.
Welcome to my audacity.”
— Anne-Marie Chagnon.

It also is what I teach my kids, especially my daughter. Find the people with compassion and empathy, passion and will. Move forward together and make a difference. And let go those, who try to put you down.