A chance on razors edge

Chance as absurdity.
Looking at reality as a mirror image of beauty.
Bang a head on a table to create a melody.
As we do daily anyway.
Embracing pain, I argue, leads to understanding.
Suffering to misery.

Yesterday I wondered what I could tell you if you asked what I may want from you.
Today I can say, try making pain your strong point.
Pain is your shield.
Your bad side is also your beauty.
Every side of you is beautiful.

Perhaps my absolutism will be my downfall.
Possibly my hope in all that beauty is blinding.
I know my dreams have come true.
That much power scares me to dream.

And yet I hope, one day I will hug you and take a little of your pain into me.
Absurdly wishing to pain, yet not to suffer.
Words are chances taken.
Thoughts sharpened by a razor blade.
Lay your head to rest and dream.