Funeral speech

Hey y’all.
Thank you for coming and celebrating my life and death.
There should be enough alcohol in front of you, to bring some of you closer to god or whomever you may pray to.
It’s been a long time coming. I am sure by the time you hear this, I have lived my 9 cat lives. We surely have laughed and cried a lot. You will have gotten to know me as someone who you can count on, you can be a friend of and who you can meet again and again.
I know that I tried my best to explore you in your feelings and thoughts, have been attracted to you, sometimes more then I could have dared to admit.
This life has been long, perhaps one of my longest. If not in years, then in the time I felt living.

I hope that if you want to cry over me, you will. As always I welcome your emotions. And then laugh out loud, drink and eat and celebrate.
You are here now, which means you were my friend. No matter what I have shared with you or you with me, know that I have valued every second of your presence. You have made me the richest I could be. Thanks to you, I had a live worth living.
No matter how many times, we fought and yelled and hated each other, we could not ignore. Thank you for that.

I hope I had time to say good bye to you in person. I hope I gave you a good long hug when we last met. Now, let me send you one ever lasting hug from beyond the vail.

It is on me now to believe that we will meet again in one life or another. Here on this planet full of green and blue wonders or somewhere else in space.

I am so thankful I met you. Now grab what ever is in front of you and let me lead you to a drink. Thank you, cheers and I love you.

*Writing a speech for my funeral seems more important then writing a will. Most people who know me, should also know that I expect a night long wake with music, loads of drinks and laughter. Like my grandma used to say, don’t cry for someone’s death, celebrate their life and laugh and drink and be merry in their memories. Everything else is just cynical.