For a touch I reach through walls.
Just to feel something.

A smile and no response.
Thinking and spinning.
Head in circles.

Pulling my head over my shoulders.
Up on my hair.
To see more.

I watch the people praying into their shrine.
And know I won’t be heard there; they dont speak my language.
While a car roles over me.

How do I bare a thought that ain’t mine?
How do I feel an emotion right out of your heart?

Do I look at you when you look away?
Do I see your dress that spells out nemesis?

Where do years pass and leave no mark?
In my face.

You run, I see.
I am just set to fall.

We dance to tunes we play.
Finally I feel freedom like a bitter sweet taste.

The things I have seen change me, chase me.
I follow your eyes as they stare away.
I follow your head on the ground, rolling, freshly chopped of and blood still oozing.

Drained, free of lust, free of everything I still have tears.
The flames in my smiles burn brighter then candles in the sunshine.

What we do in the night we never do in the shadows.

My screams produce no sonic airwaves.
My words induce no reactions.
My funeral will provoke no tears for all the whiskey I will force attendees to drink.

The letter draws words on a wall in green.
Today I would prefer blue.
My green is a colour of death and for a month I have changed enough.

Like a bumblebee I only smell flowers and come to see.
When has my invisibility come off?
Since when do blossoms respond?

Too many thoughts for one poem, but I don’t want to make them 3.

Writing, while walking, mind open as if on LSD and I miss pot.

Little park in Shibuya, but I won’t sit today,
Life’s still calling me back to thee.

All the questions I could answer if someone just asked.
And all the answers I would seek if I could direct them.

The air carries my whispers somewhere to sound like messages from down below.
Keep your blessings y’all and just speak.

Twenty minutes and 500 light years further and I still see no rest.
I always become what I have always been.

The fleeting emotion you cannot understand.
The one to long for without a grasp.
The heart broken ever again.
The loneliness you fear when you are not alone.
The heart you let go, without a fight.

And thank you.
I am an experience.

Begun with 1 And followed by Twenty-two, 40–one and Fifty and 3